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By Patrick Keran, Senior Director of Information Technology of Innovation

The statistics can overwhelm: More than 35% of Americans are obese (CDC).  More than 38% of Americans work more than 50 hours a week (libraryspot).  On average, people spend more than $7,000 annually on health care (Forbes).  Employers are increasingly moving towards high deductible health plans for employees (USA Today).

To many consumers, health care may seem to be an uncontrollable morass.  But consumers can take control of their actions around health and wellness.  All of us can get fit.  We can find that right work-life balance.  We can make our own decisions around care.  We simply need to take action.

As my wife would say, “Can we hit the pause button, just reflect and adjust?”  With Consumer Driven Health Plans, consumers need to pause, reflect and adjust as they make health care decisions that have a more direct personal financial impact.  To make informed, personally appropriate health care decisions, people need information on the go, at the point of care, at work, 27/7 365 days a week.

That’s where UnitedHealth Group comes in. We bring you the decision-making tools, applications and services you need to make your health care decisions at any time, any place.    Tools such as:

  • Health4Me, an app that provides information on the go about locating an Urgent Care or Emergency room, getting a Medical ID card electronically, getting claims data, contacting nurselines and customer service;
  •  OptumizeMe,  an app that helps you track your fitness activities through goal-setting, set up challenges for your social network,  and connect you to Health and Wellness coaches;
  • Fitness Gaming, a way to engage in healthy activity through gaming;
  • Baby Blocks,  a web app to help Mom and Baby get the care they need during pregnancy and the first 15 months of baby’s life; and
  • myHealthcare Cost Estimator, an online tool that helps consumers price procedures performed by Doctors and Clinics .

Consumers can use all these tools to take control of their health and wellness needs.  UnitedHealth Group will highlight them at the Care Continuum Alliance’s Population Health Innovations Showcase July 11.  We look forward to seeing  you at the Innovation Showcase,

Patrick Keran, Senior Director of Information Technology of Innovation

UnitedHealth Group

Patrick Keran is a Senior Director of Information Technology of Innovation at UnitedHealth Group helping drive strategic initiatives to cut healthcare costs by enabling consumer action through various innovations.  Patrick has been in Healthcare for the last 7 years and in the overall Information Technology industry the last 20 years.


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