The Forum 12, Gateway into the Population Health Industry

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Mollen, The Forum 12 Health Screening and Immunization Sponsor

By Chris Behling, President of Mollen

The first “Forum” I attended was in 2007 in Las Vegas. At the time, the event was the “DMAA Forum.”  As I think back over the past five years, I realize that much more than the name has changed.  In the last five years, the CCA name change has been accompanied by changes in the organization itself, the population health marketplace and how we think about and deliver healthcare in this country.

In 2007, the DMAA name reflected our industry at the time.  We were an industry largely focused on management of the five chronic diseases through mainly telephonic interventions with little integration into the larger healthcare ecosystem.  Wellness, coaching, mHealth, care coordination, shared decision making, and accountable care were either just buzz words or emerging concepts that were yet to hit the mainstream.

In 2012, the CCA name reflects the industry that we represent today.  An industry marked by a multitude of integrated and coordinated intervention modalities that target patients at every phase of the care continuum.   Now, concepts like wellness, coaching, mHealth, care coordination, shared decision making and accountable care are much more than words, they are concepts at the core of our industry.

As I look back, no single event embodies all of these changes more than the Forum.  Each year, the ever increasing diversity of our industry, the constituents we serve and the innovations we generate are on full display.  I have watched the exhibition floor evolve from a core group of disease management companies to a diverse group of healthcare service providers who are enabling the healthcare transformation that is underway.

Regardless of the company I am with, the Forum has always represented the single biggest opportunity to grow my business.  It is the one place each year where my partners, vendors, customers and prospects gather to share ideas, insights and uncover opportunities.  I can honestly attribute more revenue to the Forum than I can to any other single marketing initiative.

At the same time, the Forum represents my single biggest opportunity to explore and learn about where our industry is headed.  I look forward each year to returning to my company and working to implement and integrate the concepts and approaches I learn about at the Forum.

More than anything, the Forum was my gateway into the population health industry and remains an annual touchstone and cairn as I continue to explore and expand in the space.

I hope to see each of you at the Forum ’12 and urge you to lend your talents and insights as we work together to improve the health of the populations we serve.

Chris Behling is the President of Mollen, a board member and Executive Committee member at The Care Continuum Alliance.  Chris is focused on transforming healthcare delivery by extending the reach of providers and expanding access to care by providing healthcare services in the most convenient and cost effective ways possible.  Prior to joining Mollen, Chris was founder and President of Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness, the leading onsite biometric screening company in the country.  Chris received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Albion College and a Masters degree in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.  


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