CCA 2013 Research Priorities: Charting the Course of the Population Health Industry

The Care Continuum Alliance’s research work sets the standards and informs the policy, legislative, and regulatory processes for the population health industry. There are at least four reasons our members should patronize CCA’s research endeavors:

  1. The PHM industry needs to build a solid body of research that validates its claims.
  2. Companies who partake in the research are at the cutting edge and take advantage of that knowledge in product and service development.
  3. Research partners influence the industry’s progress, charter its course, and are recognized as an industry leaders.
  4. Research cost money.

CCA members are strongly encouraged to participate in the various research committees, task forces and initiatives. Please, contact Karen Moseley, Director, Research, or (202) 747-4956.

2013 Research Priorities

Collaborative population health strategies: Develop a guide that could be utilized by physician practices as they move forward in the process to transform their practices to a more patient centered and population health focused model. Informed by site visits and in-depth interviews, the CCA research team and volunteers from member companies will identify successful strategies of physician practices that have become a patient centered population health model of care. The guide is intended to offer providers detailed information, resources and case studies that can be utilized through the planning, implementation and evaluation phases of the population health management model.

Engagement for primary care centered models: Identify leading engagement innovations where the population health management industry has assisted through collaboration in primary care settings. CCA is partnering with Deloitte to build on the organizations’ initial research to identify key engagement components used by the population health industry. This second phase will involve in-depth interviews with primary care providers and focus on engagement strategies used to motivate and engage patients within primary care driven models (e.g., patient-centered medical homes, accountable care models, integrated delivery systems) and implemented as a collaboration with the population health industry.

Role of population health management in health insurance exchanges (HIEs): Population health management (PHM) strategies and tactics will be important to the success of HIEs. CCA will develop tools and educational materials to help the HIEs understand the role of PHM in their success. This research project will include an environmental scan of HIEs.

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