CCA Quality and Research Report

This time of year is always an exciting one for Quality & Research at CCA as we finalize our priorities for the year and look to our members for your support and expertise. A huge thank you goes to those of you who contributed through discussions and survey responses to help us determine areas of priority for the industry, and therefore priorities for CCA.

Starting in October 2012, several leaders with a keen interest in quality and research met at Forum 12 to brainstorm the issues facing the population health industry today. Following the brainstorming session, a survey and focus group provided additional insights that helped to identify the areas where CCA should focus its resources in 2013. The lead item on the following list reflects the top new priority for 2013, followed by three additional areas from previous years that continue to hold importance for the industry and CCA.

1. Role of Population Health Management (PHM) in Health Insurance Exchanges (HIEs). The new health insurance exchanges will need to be successful, and PHM strategies and tactics will be an important part of these exchanges. CCA will develop tools and educational materials to help the HIEs understand the role of PHM in their success. This work will be divided into three work streams.

  • HIE Assessment Work Group. This group will perform an environmental scan of HIEs, to include who is participating, what they look like, who is accountable, and what they offer.
  • Exchanges 101 Work Group. This group will develop guidance materials to explain HIEs and their value proposition, discuss how they differ from the current system, and how PHM can add value.
  • Exchange Options Work Group. This group will explain the different types of exchanges—public, private, state/federal—and the populations they serve.

2. HERO-CCA Measures and Standards Collaboration. This partnership will continue to move forward in 2013, building on the work of the past 18 months and culminating in the release of a core set of measures later this year. Volunteers from both HERO and CCA have combined their expertise toward recommending measures for employers in six domains: value of investment, financial outcomes, health impact, participation, satisfaction, and organizational support.

3. Data Aggregation. CCA’s vision to validate industry accomplishments and contribute to the advancement of future efforts for policy making, program development and evaluation has been realized in the creation of the first data repository of its kind. Very soon, we will have a release on the first study using data from the CCA database so stay tuned.

4. International Task Force. For the past few years, the international presence within CCA has become more prominent. In 2013, CCA will host the 3rd International Symposium on Wellness & Chronic Care on Oct. 23, in Scottsdale, AZ. Also, following the successful release of the first global population health report on Brazil, CCA will look to other regions as the focus for the second report.

These areas were presented at the first quarter Quality & Research Committee update on Feb. 27th. We are currently accepting volunteers for the three work groups focused on the health insurance exchanges. If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Karen Moseley, Director of Research, at or 202.747.4956.

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