A Must Read: Article on Population Health and Health Care Consumerism

The latest issue of the Health Care Consumerism Outlook 2013 includes an article by members of the Care Continuum Alliance’s team discussing how population health management and health care consumerism have a symbiotic relationship.


The Future for Population Health Relies on Three Key Consumer-Centric Features: Health Data, Care Coordination, and mHealth” is an excellent read, if we may say so ourselves.

Consumerism and its impact on health often move faster than the health care industry. At CCA we have worked to keep pace with this market movement and respond appropriately. In 2013 our research and advocacy priorities, which are driven by our members through their participation in our Quality and Research committees, focus on the understanding of how incentives work, not merely to move consumers into wellness programs, but to engage them in community wellness, that is, incentives that inspire the consumer to transcend the health of self to move into a community health mindset.

Improving the health of populations starts by building a healthy shield around one individual consumer at a time. CCA’s population health framework, an outcome of our committees’ work puts the consumer at its very center.  We use the term consumer, not patient, because the health continuum encompasses services beyond those of “health care” and being a “patient” to include wellness and prevention, and the engagement of the individual. Lifestyle issues such as exercise and diet have been one of the initial foci of consumerism as it entered the health care space.

Read the article the full article, “The Future for Population Health Relies on Three Key Consumer-Centric Features: Health Data, Care Coordination, and mHealth”, on the magazine HealthCare Consumerism Outlook 2013.

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