CCA Supports National Employee Wellness Month

 CCA joins forces with many organizations to promote the value of an engaged and healthy workforce, during the fifth annual National Employee Wellness Month. This month-long initiative helps business leaders learn from best practices how to successfully engage employees in healthy lifestyles.

“We are particularly proud of the work and programs many of our members provide to encourage the real engagement of employees in wellness programs offered to companies of all types and sizes,” said Fred Goldstein, CCA interim Executive Director. “As part of our participation in this month´s activities, we are going to feature some of the most relevant programs. It is also very exciting to see the strong involvement of some of our partners and fellow advocates, such as the STOP Obesity Alliance and the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.”NEWM_2013_Supporter_Logo_f

National Employee Wellness Month is sponsored by Virgin HealthMiles, in partnership with the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance, the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease and WorldatWork.

A healthy, engaged workforce is critical for business success. Now more than ever employers must find effective strategies to improve employee health and productivity, and create healthy cultures that help to attract and retain the best employees. National Employee Wellness Month highlights the powerful role the workplace can play in assisting employees to make healthy lifestyle changes. Forward-looking organizations understand that promoting engaged and healthy employees can significantly improve productivity and reduce health risks.

Over the years, CCA has conducted research on and advocated for worksite wellness related issues on behalf of its members and the industry as a whole. CCA has done considerable research, in partnership with members, regarding the use of incentives in employer based wellness programs. Last October, it released a comprehensive report, Participant Engagement and the Use of Incentives, and in late January sent formal comments to the Department of Health and Human Services on the proposed rule discussing Incentives for Nondiscriminatory Wellness Programs in Group Health Plans.”

Wellness programs have been in the news lately, and CCA has been in the forefront of the conversation. In June, CCA members and staff will be visiting Capitol Hill to discuss wellness programs and their impact with members of the U.S. Congress.

Find more information and resources about workplace wellness, and suggested ideas to celebrate National Employee Wellness Month at

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