Healthways – OPM: CCA Members Employee Wellness Showcase

NEWM_2013_Supporter_Logo_fInnovative Onsite Support With Effective Communications and Incentives Help OPM Improve Well-Being and Win Awards

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is a federal agency that works to recruit, train and retain government employees while upholding fair practices, policies and benefits. It’s one of a group of government agencies that Healthways began working with in 2010.

Striving for a world-class workforce, OPM committed itself to improving the health and productivity of its federal employees and creating a culture of well-being. It pursued these goals with an innovative strategy and program called WellnessWorks—developed in collabo­ration with Healthways—which aligns traditional telephonic and online well-being support with several modes of onsite engagement. This comprehensive and meaningful program is available to nearly 1,800 OPM employees in Washington, D.C.

HWAYprofessional_300x200A comprehensive team approach to driving healthy choices

Healthways provided OPM a dedicated onsite account manager, an onsite wellness special­ist, and two onsite coaches to comprise its onsite WellnessWorks team. This team encourages employees to participate in risk identification tools, including the Well-Being Assessment and Biometric Screening, and has found that their five most prevalent behavior risks include ap­pointment adherence, healthy eating, self management, weight management and exercise.

To reduce risks and improve well-being, OPM offers various options for personalized support. Eligible employees can choose from an online Well-Being Plan, health coaching for lifestyle management and disease management, general wellness promotions, and rigorous onsite programming, which includes more than 12 fitness classes, weekly education classes held by the WellnessWorks team or local experts, and onsite challenges with up-to-date results posted in their lobby.

A focused communications and incentives strategy

Healthways launched and continues to reinforce the WellnessWorks brand through a focused marketing and communications strategy that includes traditional, digital and other onsite channels. Recurring campaigns let employees know the different times of the year that the

Well-Being Assessment and Biometric Screening are offered as well as the other various resources available, including general wellness promotions that provide education and en­couragement for a range of topics like good nutrition and stress management.

Incentives are an important part of OPM’s strategy, encouraging and rewarding employee participation. OPM offers multiple incentives for almost every event, ranging from individual prizes, like a $50 visa gift card for completing the Well-Being Assessment, to raffles for items like a wellness gift basket for completing the Biometric Screening.

“Healthways is a true partner in our pursuit of improving the well-being of our employees. Their experience with behavior change and creativity in developing thoughtful, compelling marketing campaigns has enabled us to see impressive and sustained engagement rates among our population. And with Healthways assistance, we were pleased to receive Health Care Leadership Council’s inaugural Wellness Frontiers Award.”

–Jonathan Foley, Director, Planning and Policy Analysis, Office of Personnel Management

Visible results in the workplace and the community

Through the integration of multi-modal program components, robust engagement marketing support, and a continual focus on innovation, OPM’s Well-Being Index® score has increased from 62.5 to 65.7—while the national average and federal employee population’s average has declined.

In terms of participation since launch:

  • More than 40% of the population has completed the Well-Being Assessment.
  • 79% who completed a biometric screening and/or WBA had sufficient behavior risks to qualify them for coaching.
  • 39% of the population has participated in coaching. Among other areas:
  • 41% have participated in weight management
  • 38% have participated in tobacco cessation
  • 61% of all risks were either eliminated or improved in the coaching program.
  • There has been a steady increase of people attending onsite classes, especially those attending together.

Through direct, daily engagement, the WellnessWorks program is making a cultural impact, too. With additional initiatives, like creating a mini-farmer’s market in the main office courtyard, access to healthy choices not only reaches eligible OPM employees, but it also draws in employees of surrounding government buildings.

The entire program is well-supported by OPM’s leadership and has been recognized by the Health Care Leadership Council (HLC), who issued their inaugural Wellness Frontiers Award to OPM in 2013 for the agency’s innovation, improvements in population health and wellness culture.

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