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The Prevention Plan from U.S. Preventive Medicine

U.S. Preventive Medicine, Inc. Prevention Plan LogoU.S. Preventive Medicine, Inc. (USPM) has created an innovative information technology solution for a personalized prevention program. USPM’s The Prevention Plan is based on the clinical practice of preventive medicine with engagement in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.  Users complete a health risk appraisal, receive virtual coaching, live coaching and social challenges to reduce their risks, participating at self-determined levels of engagement.           NEWM_2013_Supporter_Logo_f

The two-year study, “The Association of Technology in a Workplace Wellness Program with Health Risk Factor Reduction,” recently published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (March 2013), concludes that active Prevention Plan participants show significant improvements in health risk reduction. The study proves the relationship between level of engagement in workplace wellness programs and health risk reduction. Engaging technology and interactive Web-based tools can empower individuals to be more proactive about their health and reduce their health risks.

From 15 employer groups, 7,804 employees completed health risk appraisal and laboratory testing at baseline and again after two years of participating in their personalized version of the USPM Prevention Plan. Of those participants who started in a high-risk category at baseline, 46% moved down to medium risk and 19% moved down to low risk after 2 years on The Prevention Plan. In the group that only engaged through the Web-based Prevention Plan technology, 22% of those individuals significantly reduced their health risks.

Dr. Ronald Loeppke, M.D., M.P.H., USPM president and vice chairman and lead author of the study, noted that The Prevention Plan tool used to initiate awareness of health, raise consciousness and determine health risk status is the health risk appraisal. The Prevention Plan’s interactive technology also displays an individual’s Prevention Score and reveals risk reduction visibly to the participant, as actions are taken and lifestyle changes are made.

“The study yields more evidence for the business case for employers that prevention is an investment to be leveraged rather than a cost to be justified,” added Dr. Loeppke.

The study was authored by: Ron Loeppke, MD, MPH; Dee Edington, PhD; Joel Bender, MD, PhD; and Ashley Reynolds, MSN, RN. Review the full published research study: “The Association of Technology in a Workplace Wellness Program with Health Risk Factor Reduction”

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