Weight Talk® from Alere: CCA Members Employee Wellness Showcase

PrintWeight Talk® Successfully Engaging Alere Employees

At Alere, wellness is our business. We practice what we preach. This is why we offer wellness services to our own employees and their eligible dependents free of charge.  One of our newest programs, our Weight Talk® weight reduction program, was rolled out to employees in October 2012 with terrific results.

Within the first month, 194 employees enrolled, and more continue to roll in. Since launch, our employee participants have engaged in 286 phone call interactions with the program’s health coaches and 3,424 web logins, and they have completed 302 online activities. A survey revealed a participant satisfaction rate of 97.6, and best of all, 75% of participants have lost weight! We look forward to seeing that number continue to grow.NEWM_2013_Supporter_Logo_f

How Weight Talk® Works

The program offers participants a new way to approach weight loss by learning the 10 essential practices of:

  • Mastering the art of eating well
  • Sitting less and moving more
  • Managing stress
  • Defeating negative thoughts
  • Gaining control of one’s environment
  • Managing time
  • Navigating difficult situations
  • Keeping weight off
  • Rebounding from lapses
  • Maintaining motivation

Along with learning the essential practices of weight loss, each participant is supported by their own dedicated weight loss coach, an online community, and tools such as a wireless activity monitor to keep them on track with their daily goals.

Employees are Enthusiastic

Testimonials from our employees are very positive. Here are two examples:

  • “Right now, I am 11 pounds lighter and just about to my ideal body weight. I can’t say enough good things about the program and the coaches. It is a very solid program. I am a “professional dieter” and knew a lot, but learned even more. The support offered through the program was just what I needed to be successful with weight loss. I hope a lot of people take advantage of this program.”
  • “The weight talk program was great!  I enjoyed having the same coach for the majority of the sessions.  It gave consistency and she knew what to focus on and target to assist me with my goals.  In fact, my objective was just to get more motivated to do the activities I enjoy doing and minimize excuses to keep from doing them.  I believe I was so successful that even though I was looking to tone up my body, not really lose weight, I have lost weight, kept it off and continue to lose weight based on the tactics and techniques my coach offered.”

Social Media Channels

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