Pro-Change Behavior Systems: CCA Members Employee Wellness Showcase

NEWM_2013_Supporter_Logo_fPro-Change LifeStyle Management Suite

The Pro-Change LifeStyle Management Suite is an evidence-based behavior change solution designed to improve employee well-being, reduce health care costs, and improve productivity in an easy and cost effective way. Built from over 35 years of scientific research and $10 million in grant funding from NIH, the programs meet the needs of entire populations, not just the 20% ready to take action.

Based on the Transtheoretical Model, the LifeStyle Management Suite’s entry point is the Pro-Change HRI, a Health Risk Assessment + Intervention. Unlike other HRAs, it uses validated questions to assess readiness to change leading health risks and provides immediate evidence-based, stage-matched feedback about the most important strategy individuals can use to make progress on each specific behavior. Every time the HRI is taken, feedback is updated to reflect change since the last one.

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Results from the HRI are used to dynamically populate a home page and recommend relevant fully tailored LifeStyle Management programs. These programs address the major issues currently driving preventable health care costs: smoking, stress, depression, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating, and non-adherence to prescribed anti-hypertensive and/or cholesterol lowering medication. Each time users return to the program, they receive tailored feedback on how they are doing, what change strategies they are using well, which they are underutilizing, and what steps they can take to continue progressing.

Each LifeStyle program is complemented by an engaging interactive Personal Activity Center (PAC) easily accessed from the users homepage. The PACs are filled with activities that promote the use of recommended behavior change strategies.

The suite includes a Clinical Dashboard that provides health coaches or health care providers with an overview of each participant’s progress, along with targeted behavior change messages to motivate and guide participants toward healthier lifestyles. Specific LifeStyle programs can be prescribed directly from the dashboard, which is automatically updated as participants engage with the program(s).  Robust reporting features enable tracking of each populations’ program usage, progress and outcomes.

The LifeStyle Management Suite is supported by rigorous research including randomized clinical trials and case studies which have been published in over a dozen peer reviewed journals. Results include: over 65% of participants starting to effectively manage stress, 30% of participants losing 5% or more of body weight, 73% of participants experiencing a reduction in depression symptoms, and 45% of individuals meeting national guidelines for regular exercise. A full description of program outcomes can be found at

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