Moda Health: Walk the Talk: CCA Members Employee Wellness Showcase

Walk the TalkModa Health: Walk the Talk

As a society, we are less physically active than we have ever been. The digital workplace and extended work days have made it difficult to find time for exercise. That’s where we come in.

As members of the wellness team at Moda Health, a Pacific Northwest company of high quality health plans, we decided to take a stand. We asked the hard questions. Imagine if we change the way we think of ourselves as company. Instead of focusing on treatment, symptoms, injury and disease, we work upstream to keep the healthy people…healthy.NEWM_2013_Supporter_Logo_f

The Moda Health employee wellness program, known as Walk the Talk, began in August 2004. The most popular program to date is the Charity Challenge, a hybrid pedometer competition and charity fundraising event. This 5-week challenge consists of teams of employees tracking daily steps, participating in health activities and attending nonprofit walks in the community. Teams also create baskets and sell tickets to raise funds for charities. At the end of the competition, the top teams and individuals are recognized and are celebrated at a companywide event.

This year, 258 employees participated in Charity Challenge – 78 more than last year. The total number of steps taken was 101,081,038 and money raised was a whopping $10,133 for our nonprofit partners.

One Moda Health employee said of the challenge, “I am journaling my food and exercise and am down 11lbs. I’m really excited!” Another employee states, “It’s important [to participate] because we are a health company”.

Due to programs such as Charity Challenge, Moda Health executives have also taken note.

They hope it will assist employees in increasing or sustaining optimal health, so we can serve our customers more efficiently and effectively. They also look to the wellness program to increase awareness and self-efficacy to ultimately improve employee morale and job satisfaction.

Moda Health employees continue to have positive, health-conscious attitudes as a result of the Walk the Talk program. Since 2009, 96 percent of survey respondents have agreed (or strongly agreed) that a wellness program is worth their time and effort. Moda Health looks forward to continuing to improve the health of our greatest asset — our employees — in the future.

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