PHA Letter to CMS about Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Medicare Program




As part of its advocacy efforts on behalf of its members, the Population Health Alliance (PHA) submitted comments to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regarding the January 10, 2014 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking entitled: Medicare Program: Contract Year 2015 Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Prescription Drug Program. We are very concerned that CMS’ proposed requirements around preferred pharmacy networks and eligibility for Medication Therapy Management (MTM) will result in increased out-of-pocket costs, clinically inappropriate care, and reduced access to high-quality pharmacy networks for the 37 Million seniors enrolled in the Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Part D).

Read the letter: Re: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Medicare Program: Contract Year 2015 Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Prescription Drug Program


Care Continuum Alliance Changes Its Name to Population Health Alliance

PHA-Logo-FinalAs our new logo indicates, after representing the population health, wellness and disease management industry for over a decade, the Care Continuum Alliance, is changing its name to the Population Health Alliance (PHA).

Why the change?

  • Our membership requested the change as an acknowledgment of the size, strength and diversity of our members’ core business.
  • Population Health Alliance embraces the evolving nature of the industry, the significant expansion of our members’ business activities, and the breadth of our membership.

 As the population health industry grows, diversifies, and is called to answer questions posed by the evolving health and healthcare system, the concept of a Population Health Alliance better reflects the breadth of our membership and the programs and products each of them offers. The organization has always moved forward and the Population Health Alliance embraces the collaboration that is required by all of the entities across the system needed to improve health.

Along with our new name, we will be launching the organization’s newly revamped website,, which offers easy access to key information and services for members, and provides a more comprehensive understanding of the organization’s research initiatives, advocacy efforts, and opportunities for collaborations as well as of your role, as PHA members, in the transformation of health and health care delivery.

Our new website complements the organization’s renewed focus, captured in the theme of our annual conference, PHA Forum 2014, on collaboration and communication as the keys to engagement, across all industry segments.

Fred Goldstein

Population Health Alliance Interim Executive Director

Just Launched: PHA Forum 2014 Call for Proposals

PHA Forum Logo Final-01PHA Forum 2014 Call for Proposals

Every year, the Population Health Alliance (PHA), formerly the Care Continuum Alliance, convenes the leaders of the health care industry, technology innovators, government officials, researchers and academics in its annual conference, the PHA Forum.

Submit Your Proposal

Submit a proposal: Instead of a traditional abstract for a presentation, individuals can submit an idea for a session in the following session types for the PHA Forum. It will be very competitive.

Session Formats

  • PHA Forum Educational Session
  • Poster Presentation
  • International Symposium on Wellness and Chronic Care
  • NEW! Innovators Forum

Juried Award Format

As in 2013, the PHA Forum will have a juried award format.

Submit Your Proposal

PHA Forum Educational Sessions

We are going for creativity, innovation and inventiveness. We are also going for hands on learning and usefulness for the Population Health Management industry as a whole. Our attendees want to learn to:

–       apply concepts,

–       develop programs,

–       manage initiatives,

–       advocate for PHM,

–       educate the public, employers, policy and law makers,

–       establish effective partnership within the industry and across industries,

–       understand legislation and policy and their effects, and more.

If you have an idea for a topic, but you’re unsure about what format would work best, you are still encouraged to submit. The Program Committee will consider presentation options during the proposal review process.

We particularly encourage partnerships among companies and competitors for the delivery of strong workshops and presentations.

The Program Committee will review all completed proposals and then curate a unique conference experience. We may contact you to discuss other options for the format of your session.

These are the session formats:

Engaged Presentation
An oral presentation where you share your experiences and learning in developing and delivering innovative services, but includes structured, guided discussion throughout the session.


An in-depth, interactive session. This might be a training session or a facilitated workshop on a particular topic, and it is about achieving an outcome.

Panel Session
Panel sessions bring together a variety of speakers on a single topic. Panelists might provide a short introductory presentation before opening the floor for questions from the audience. Proposals should include the topic, panelists and facilitator.

Poster Presentations
Poster presentations will be either scientific or innovative, and authors are required to be available for a specified period of time at the PHA Forum to discuss methods and results with interested visitors and colleagues.

International Symposium on Wellness and Chronic Care

The International Symposium on Wellness & Chronic Care, held in conjunction with the PHA Forum, will facilitate a comprehensive exchange of information on wellness, prevention, chronic condition management and other population health strategies from around the globe. The primary presenter must live and work full time outside of the United States; proposals without an international representative will not be considered.

NEW! Innovators Forum

For 2014, the Population Health Alliance is accepting proposal submissions for the Innovators Forum. These are 10-minute high-level, big-idea presentations in a general session for the entire PHA Forum audience. We are seeking the best of the best ideas, tools and forecasts that are revolutionizing the population health management industry and beyond. Please note that Innovators Forum presentations will not be considered for Outstanding Leadership in Population Health Awards.

Innovators Forum Policies

  • PHA limits one submission per organization for the Innovators Forum.
  • Innovators Forum submissions will not be considered for PHA Forum Educational Programming, Poster Presentations, or the International Symposium on Wellness and Chronic Care. Organizations are encouraged to submit proposals for all areas of PHA Forum programming.
  • Presentations must be made by a C-Suite level executive.
  • Proposals are limited to one speaker; co-presenters will not be considered for presentation.
  • Please include the URL of a 5-minute video clip of a previous presentation made by the proposed presenter.

What is required to complete a proposal?

The following is required of each speaker:

    • Full Name
    • Mailing Address
    • Contact Details
    • Professional Information (as it will appear on conference materials)
      • Title
      • Company
      • Credentials
    • Biography (55 words maximum)
    • High Resolution Headshot (optional)
    • Speaker Education

List the undergraduate through highest degree held. Do not only list the highest degree.

    • Speaker Employment

Provide past employment history that is most relevant to the topic area (most recent first). The past three positions are required.

    • Agreement to the Submission and Presentation Policies
    • Acknowledgement to the Speaker and Moderator Agreement
    • Completion of the Financial Disclosure Statement

All proposals must include the following:

    • Proposal Title (15 words maximum)
    • Preferred Session Format

Refer to proposal submission guidelines above for more details on Session format.

    • Start and end date of study or program

mm/yyyy – mm/yyyy

    • Population (50 words maximum)

Define the size and demographics of the population. Answer must include numbers.

    • Summary/Outcomes Measures and Impact (100 words maximum)
      • If applicable, include accuracy levels.
      • Answer must include numbers.
      • Where applicable include measurable outcomes that can have a valuable impact on the population served, including clinical and/or financial outcomes.
      • For newer/innovative proposals, include directional outcomes that suggest it will be successful in improving the health of the population or advancing the industry.
    • Proposal Text
      • Proposals are limited to 300 words.
      • No images, tables and/or figures are permitted in the proposal.
      • Standard abbreviations may be used without definition. Non-standard abbreviations (kept to a minimum) must be placed in parentheses after the first use of the word or phrase abbreviated.
      • Proposals must be free of commercial content or endorsement of a specific organization’s particular product or services. Should a presentation be identified as being commercial, the presenter will not be invited back.
      • Proofread the proposal carefully to avoid errors before submission. No proof pages will be sent to authors. To submit your text, copy it from your word processor and paste it into the box below. You may also type directly in that box.
      • Proposals must not include a description of a sponsoring organization, corporate goals, or marketing strategies.
    • Answer the question “Why should attendees attend your session?” (20 words maximum)
    • Three Learning Objectives (20 words maximum each)

Complete the sentence, ‘Upon completion, participant will be able to…’ Use action words to begin this learning objective, such as list, describe, define, demonstrate, conduct, etc. Three learning objectives are required.

How to Write a Winning Proposal

Step 1: Write a Great Title

Titles should:

  • be specific and reflect the actual topic of your session (attendees will not attend sessions with generic titles);
  • consist of no more than 10 words;
  • not include trademarked and company names; and
  • keep abbreviations to a minimum (Abbreviations must be placed in parentheses after the first use of the word or phrase abbreviated.)

Step 2: Describe the Nature of Your Proposal

Reviewers want to know as much about your outcomes, research, or program as possible. Please detail the demographics of population served, outcomes, and proposal.

  • Specify age, gender, condition, geographic region served, etc. for the population.
  • Detail clinical, financial, and/or directional outcomes that improve population health. Include accuracy levels where possible. Clearly state the ROI.
  • Proposal text should be a well-written, detailed description of your program or research.  Avoid commercial language that could be interpreted as a sales pitch.

Step 3: Explain the Practical Application of Your Session

More than ever, it is important that your session convey the “translational research nature” of your outcomes, research or program. Attendees need to not only understand your session, but also to be able to translate the research or program into a best practice to take back to their organizations. This bullet could answer any of these questions:

  • What’s the next step?
  • What do you do with the outcomes?
  • What does it really mean?
  • How do you translate it to a best practice?
  • How can it be implemented in a different setting?

Please begin this bullet with an action verb from the list below.

Step 4: Come Up with Three Key Components for Your Session

The Population Health Alliance will not publish your abstract, so it’s imperative that you accurately and concisely describe your session within three bullets. These key components should:

  • begin with action verbs that describe observable behavior, such as “summarize,” “demonstrate,” “compare,” “plan” or “score” (see a list ofrecommendations below);
  • be succinct and appealing (or attendance may suffer);
  • mention interesting population demographics and size (e.g., Medicare Advantage, Medicaid);
  • summarize outcomes;
  • describe what the participant will be able to accomplish after having attended your session –something observable and measurable;
  • not include trademarked and company names; and
  • keep abbreviations to a minimum (Abbreviations must be placed in parentheses after the first use of the word or phrase abbreviated.)

Do not describe what the presenter intends to do during the activity (e.g., “Present information on” or “Show the audience how to”). Write your objectives from the perspective of what the attendee will be able to do after and as a result of attending your session.

Review the List of Acceptable and Unacceptable Verbs for Your Proposal.

PHA Forum 2014 Abstract Submission and Presentation Policies

For 2014, the Population Health Alliance (PHA) will continue to use a juried awards format for its annual meeting sessions and make its Outstanding Leadership in Population Health awards based on session judging. The award categories will be developed after the assessment of proposals received, with finalist presentations to be selected among the abstract submissions applicant pool. Proposal selection will be conducted, as in prior years, by the Program Committee. Presentations made at the PHA Forum will be reviewed and judged at the conference by a panel of judges. The nature of this awards program requires strict adherence to the policies set forth below. Questions should be directed to PHA staff at:


  • Population Health Alliance (PHA) membership is not required to submit a nomination proposal.
  • Proposals must be original, new and represent significant programming or innovations that advance the population health management industry. They cannot be similar to work submitted to, or under consideration by, other organizations, conferences or journals.
  • Proposals must share best practices and strategies that other organizations can implement; proprietary programs or products may not be presented.
  • Proposals must be free of commercial content or endorsement of a specific organization’s particular product(s) or service(s). Presentations identified as having a commercial aspect, even if such determination is made after review and acceptance by the Program Committee, will be disqualified and will not be presented at PHA Forum.
  • At the time of submission, the proposals should indicate the preferred format, but PHA reserves the right to determine the session format for accepted nominee sessions. The session formats are Engaged Presentation, Workshop,  Poster Presentation and International Symposium on Wellness and Chronic Care. Accepted submissions that do not conform to the requirements of the session format will be disqualified and will not be presented at PHA Forum.
  • Presentations must be made by executive level officers, technology, clinical and medical researchers or practitioners.  Individuals holding sales, marketing or product development roles may not present at PHA Forum.
  • PHA limits submissions to one proposal per presenter per submission type (PHA Educational Session, Innovators Forum, International Symposium on Chronic Care, Poster Presentation).  Further, PHA limits submissions to three proposals per organization per Educational Session, Poster Presentation and International Symposium submission types. PHA limits submissions to one proposal per organization for the Innovators Forum. Note that proposals containing identical or nearly identical information submitted from the same company and/or individuals will be disqualified.
  • Submission of a proposal constitutes a commitment by an individual to present at PHA Forum, if accepted. Failure to present will jeopardize future acceptance of proposals.
  • If an accepted speaker changes his or her company of employment, the speaker will forfeit his or her speaking slot. The company that owns the research or program will be asked to nominate a replacement speaker, who will be subject to approval by PHA. Failure to provide an acceptable replacement speaker will result in disqualification.
  • All proposals must be submitted electronically using the online proposal collection site.
  • Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, March 26, 2014.
  • Notification of proposal acceptance will be emailed by May 30, 2014; proposals must include a valid, individual email address (do not use a general inbox address, such as
  • Slide presentations and according to the session format must be submitted to PHA by November 4, 2014. Presentations will be posted on the website prior to the conference. Speakers will not be able to update presentations onsite. Failure to submit a presentation will result in disqualification.
  • PHA will waive the PHA Forum registration fee for presenters. PHA does not reimburse faculty for travel, hotel or other per diem expenses.

Just Out! Population Health Alliance Forum 2014 Sponsorship Prospectus

Sponsor the PHA Forum 2014 – Collaborate + Communicate = Engage

Population Health Alliance Forum 2014 Sponsorship Prospectus

The Population Health Alliance Forum 2014 Sponsorship Prospectus is here. Review it, build your sponsorship early, and take advantage of the many promotional opportunities. The sooner you get in, the longer the exposure.

PHA Forum 2014
December 10-12, 2014 
The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess 
Scottsdale, Arizona

Last year’s annual conference was so great, we couldn’t get enough. So, Scottsdale, here we come again! With a focus on collaboration, communication and engagemenent, we have in store a platform for the most innovative, edgy, and outcomes-oriented program. Get involved now:

  • Secure your company’s Innovation Hub at The Solutions Zone.
  • Become a sponsor.
  • Get your research ready for primetime, as stay tuned for the upcoming call for proposals.

Questions? Contact Cindy DeClark, Director, Meetings, Special Events and Corporate Relations, 202.737.5681 or

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