Interview with PHA Executive Director: From CCA to the Population Health Alliance

Fred Goldstein, interim Executive Director of the Population Health Alliance was interviewed at the HIMSS 2014 conference, in Orlando, about the re-branding of the Care Continuum Alliance to the Population Health Alliance, the association’s research and advocacy priorities, and the annual conference, PHA Forum 2014.

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Medicare Advantage Action Coalition is disappointed, concerned with CMS 2015 Advanced Notice

As part of its advocacy efforts on behalf of its members, the Population Health Alliance (PHA) has been an integral part of the Medicare Advantage Action Coalition. On March 4, the Coalition wrote to Ms. Marilyn Tavenner, CMS Administrator, to express its disappointment and concern over the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) February 21st Advanced Notice.

The  Medicare Advantage Action Coalition represents several thousand stakeholders across the health care spectrum, including but not limited to, physicians, health care professionals, health plans, aging and disability groups, industry and trade associations and employers.

Read the letter Re: CMS 2015 Advanced Notice and Call Letter

If you are interested in the Population Health Alliance (PHA)’ advocacy and government affairs work, please, come on board and work with us:


Care Continuum Alliance is changing its name to Population Health Alliance


Fred Goldstein, Population Health Alliance Interim Executive Director

I am very excited about the news I have to share with you today. After representing the population health, wellness and disease management industry for over a decade, your organization, the Care Continuum Alliance, is changing its name to the Population Health Alliance (PHA).

The impetus behind this change originated from our membership, as an acknowledgment of the size, strength and diversity of our members’ core business. Over the last few months, the Board of Directors and many of the members engaged in a laborious if speedy process to select a name that would embrace the evolving nature of the industry, the significant expansion of our members’ business activities, and the breadth of our membership.

As the population health industry grows, diversifies, and is called to answer questions posed by the evolving health and healthcare system, the concept of a Population Health Alliance better reflects the breadth of our membership and the programs and products each of them offers. The organization has always moved forward and the Population Health Alliance embraces the collaboration that is required by all of the entities across the system needed to improve health.

Along with our new name, we will be launching the organization’s newly revamped website,, which offers easy access to key information and services for members, and provides a more comprehensive understanding of the organization’s research initiatives, advocacy efforts, and opportunities for collaborations as well as of your role, as PHA members, in the transformation of health and health care delivery.

Our new website complements the organization’s renewed focus, captured in the theme of our annual conference, PHA Forum 2014, on collaboration and communication as the keys to engagement, across all industry segments.

Please, note that our new email addresses are to strengthen PHA brand identity. The old email addresses will remain operational for the foreseeable future.

I look forward to talking with you and am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to email me directly at

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