PHA Executive Director catches up with the Population Health News Readers

Fred Goldstein, the Executive Director of the Population Health Alliance, serves as founder and president of Accountable Health LLC, in Jacksonville, Fla., which helps healthcare organizations implement health management programs and provides tools and techniques to engage patients and improve adherence, outcomes and control costs.

He combines his multidisciplinary experience—hospital administrator, general manager of an HMO, founder of a disease management company and president of a population health management company—to address healthcare issues, from operations and mHealth to product and network development.

Population Health News: What was the thought process in moving from a B.A. degree in zoology to an M.S. degree in healthcare administration?

Fred Goldstein: My father was a professor of medicine, but I was never interested in being a doctor. From a young age, the dream was to do shark research, à la Jacques Cousteau. In college during a summer internship at Mote Marine Labs in Florida, I discovered that funding for shark research had dried up so I finished up my degree in zoology and began looking at an MBA. Discussions with my father and others led me to combining science knowledge from the zoology degree with the business background in healthcare to make a difference.


Read Entire Interview: Catching Up With Fred Goldstein 

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