Engagement, what was that again…and how do I know it when I see it?

By Fred Goldstein, PHA Executive Director 

Engagement has been on the spotlight for a while. In this new economy and ecology of companies invested in getting their clients to interact directly and constantly with the organizations and among themselves using various platforms, measuring engagement has become the angular rock of business. It has also become ever more elusive. Vanity measures – followers, likes – are no longer enough, and neither investors not customers are fooled by them.

If you are in the health care world, as I am, you know that engagement is paramount. You also know you would like to be able to define it, measure it, understand it, and figure out how it translates into better outcomes for your patients and employees.

It seems as if every organization reports on engagement in a different way, and the time for standardized metrics and homogenous methods has come. In order to define engagement, members of the Population Health Alliance have created a Workgroup on Engagement as part of the work of PHA’s Quality and Research Committee.

They are very happy to hear and receive continuous feedback from the organizations involved in worksite wellness, population health management, and others who are make strides to get engagement right. Get involved by contacting Karen Moseley, PHA Research Director, kmoseley@populationhealthalliance.org or just email me.

For PHA, 2014 is truly the year of engagement.

–       The theme of the annual conference, PHA Forum 2014, is Collaborate + Communicate = Engage.

–       Excelling in Engagement, an educational track at PHA Forum 2014, gathers presentations that discuss in depth engagement as an overall theme, including provider, engagement, health plan member engagement, incentive program design, and engaging the moderate risk population.

–       Engagement again! So, how do we do it?is the title of one of PHA Forum 2014 Walking Learning Labs of the Exhibit Hall, in which organizations will provide hands on demonstrations of how engagement works in real life.

Learn more about the PHA Workgroup on Engagement’s Charge.

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