PHM Virtual Brown Bag Series


PHM Virtual Brown Bag Series

Population Health Management Framework Webinars

How does your organization’s population health solution fit as part of the PHM framework? Come share it with fellow members and the industry at large by presenting a webinar as part of PHA’s new PHM Virtual Brown Bag Series.

Population Health Alliance (PHA) members will present their work and research in a new webinar series, PHM Virtual Brown Bag Series, that will offer guidance and clarity on the core components of the Population Health Management (PHM) framework.

The webinar series will kick off on Thursday, August 21, at 12 Noon Eastern Time, with an introductory overview of the PHM framework. It will run every other Thursday at the same time. These complimentary webinars provide a unique opportunity for PHA members to showcase their strengths in the areas of identification, assessment, stratification, engagement, interventions, and evaluation. In addition, customers of PHA members and the industry as a whole will benefit from the basic level discussion.

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  • Population Monitoring/Identification
  • Health Assessment
  • Risk Stratification
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Interventions
  • Impact Evaluation

How to Present?

All PHA members interested in presenting one or more of the following topics should follow the submissions guidelines that can be found here. If you have questions, comments or marvelous insight, send them to Karen Moseley, Director, Research at

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