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CCA Advocacy provides a number of joint CCA-Member educational programming opportunities to elevate awareness and interest in policy topics impacting the latest tools, technologies, services, and program developments in the population health management industry. One opportunity is a Congressional Briefing.

Congressional Briefing Information:

What is a Congressional Briefing and Who Are the Target Audiences?

Congressional Briefings are public presentations on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to members of Congress, Congressional staff and other policymakers. Agency officials often attend as well. Briefings reach a very broad audience of policymakers by permitting FREE access for all attendees.
How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor A Briefing? 

Exclusive Sponsorship:            $15,000
Co-sponsorship:                            $5,000

* NOTE: CCA encourages co-sponsorships to showcase common interests among industry leaders, increase the resonance of the issues among legislators, and raise the profile of the industry as a whole.

What Is Included In A Briefing Sponsorship?

Ready to Sponsor a Briefing?

What Is Included In A Briefing Sponsorship?

  • A location on Capitol Hill in a Congressional Office Building
  • CCA to collect presentations, biographies and other briefing materials.
  • Pre-event joint CCA-Member Issue Brief: CCA will work with the sponsor to generate an issue brief.
  • A pre-event training session via conference call with briefing presenters
  • Pre-event morning meetings: CCA will facilitate joint visits with key Congressional representatives or Congressional staff for those CCA members sponsoring the briefing
  • Up to 50 minutes of dynamic panelist presentations by population health management industry leaders
  • At least 10 minutes for questions from policymakers in the audience
  • Live video recording
  • A luncheon
  • Signage indicating the sponsoring CCA member
  • Other handouts for briefing attendees as requested by sponsor
  • Post-event afternoon meetings: CCA will facilitate joint visits with key Congressional representatives or Congressional staff for those CCA members sponsoring the briefing
  • Briefing content accessible following the event on the CCA website for 1 year including presenter biographies, presentations, and other related material
  • Post-event webinar on the briefing topic (*Optional for $1,500) 

What Information Should Sponsoring or Participating CCA Members Present?

  • Case studies of operating programs with significant outcomes
  • New research findings and outcomes
  • How-to education
  • Current issues or policy perspectives

CCA will help you identify topics aligned with CCA’s research and advocacy goals. We will also help you structure an interactive format for your Capitol Hill Briefing. At your request, CCA staff members can identify high profile, well-regarded experts on an array of topics.

How Does CCA Build Your Audience?

The Care Continuum Alliance leverages various communications vehicles to build turnout for your briefing including:

  • Press release.
  • Event marketing to proprietary contact lists of more than 15,000 industry stakeholders including: Federal and state policy makers, chief Congressional staff liaisons, officials in the Administration, agency personnel, and fellow organizations.
  • Issue-specific guest post on CCA: Voice of Population Health blog.
  • Calendar announcement.
  • Social media promotion through all channels, including a 1,526-member LinkedIn group and Twitter.
  • Event notices in regular CCA member communications including: CCA Connect: Voice of Population Health newsletter, committee meeting agendas, and CCA Advocacy updates.
  • Prominent display of event on CCA’s website home page and events listings.
  • Media advisory and press release.
  • Co-signed invitation letter to members of Congress.
  • Coordinated promotion to circulate official event notifications to members of Congress through Congressional offices who are participating in the briefing.
  • Targeted letters highlighting the briefing from participating or sponsoring companies to their members of Congress.

Promotion will begin at least four weeks prior to the event (subject to scheduling) and continue through the day of the briefing.

Ready to Sponsor a Briefing?

Questions? Please contact:

Victoria Shapiro, CCA Director of Government Affairs

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