Want to Submit a Guest Blog?

Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines

Audience: Population Health Management (PHM) experts, industry leaders and policy wonks; legislators; government officials; academia.

Format Guidelines

The post:

  • Shall be useful to the readers of this blog.
  • Shall be grammatically correct and well-written – although we may assist with the editing.
  • Must not include marketing-related or commercial links.
  • May include links to your website.
  • Needs to include an author’s bio of no more than 50 words and an author’s photo (headshot).
  • Should be original and may not have been published elsewhere online already.
  • Should be approximately 350-500 words in length.
  • May be edited. Please, don’t be offended if we suggest changes.
  • Should use short paragraphs.
  • Should be submitted by the deadline.

Content Notes

  • Write about what you know. Need we say more?
  • Introduce the work of your organization, company, a specific program, innovative technology, and how it contributes to the population health industry.
  • But, please, no shameless commercial. To minimize our natural commercial impulses, blog post authors should be company executives, researchers, medical officers, government affairs officers, medical practitioners and providers. Preferably, no marketing or PR personnel.
  • Be collegial. This blog is the voice of the PHM industry, which has many voices and not all of them sing in unison. We would like to show them all and provide a fruitful and respectful discussion of positions and policies.
  • Be non-partisan. Politics gets in the way of good policies that benefit our populations.
  • Share your (the author) “personal” perspective on the issues. Try to make the connection between a policy and its impact in health care delivery and PHM.
  • Avoid obscure language and excessive wonkiness. Yes, we do have an audience of studious thought leaders, but a blog post is not the vehicle for obscurity and too much inside baseball. To the contrary, we would like it to be a good educational introduction to those new to the industry or to people who are not as adept at deciphering health care speak. We do need them on our camp!
  • Bring out a snippet of a good report and tell us why it is important to our industry.
  • Avoid acronyms like the plague. Actually, it is better to get the plague than to use acronyms.
  • Write in an informal, personal tone. This is not a press release or a policy statement.
  • Make an effort to tell a story, preferably, based on a real experience of a client or a patient that benefited from the PHM services, strategies, or technological innovations. In essence, we favor a human interest story to give blood to the policies and programs.
  • Do talk about money. In almost all cases, “relevant” and “cost-saving” are synonyms.
  • Ask questions of your readers. Try to launch a good discussion. Challenge your readers with poignant questions or statements. Respectful controversy is good.
  • Share your blog posts with all your networks. This is your shot at fame, don’t miss it!

Guest posts will be published without notice. Please, check the blog periodically.

If you have any questions, or to submit your blog post contact:

Isabel M. Estrada-Portales, Ph.D., M.S.

Director, Communications


Tel: 202.737.5781

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