Got Data! Plenty of It. How can I use it?

PHA Forum 2014 Educational Sessions 

Analytics to Action for Providers and ACOs 

If you are a population health vendor, care management company, health care provider or an accountable care organization (ACO) you have plenty of data already, and more is on the way.

A clear indication of the industry wide interest in this issue was the number of related proposals we received for the PHA Forum 2014, Population Health Alliance’s annual conference. We have devoted a scientific track to data and analytics.

The Analytics to Action for Providers and ACOs track shows examples of how to turn big data into better health outcomes. It showcases real world examples of how the appropriate use of data and analytics is transforming the way healthcare is provided in a multiplicity of settings.

Presenters from Kaiser Permanente, Indiana Lakes ACO, Tonic Health, Predilytics, U.S. Medical Management, 3M and Wellmark Blue Cross Shield will show attendees how to go far beyond the basics of identification and risk stratification, to be able to use data for the new levers of population health, such as provider and consumer engagement, payment methodologies, care settings.

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Digital Surveys and Actionable Data to Engage ACO Stakeholders in Population


Kathryn VanOsdol, BSN 

ACO Clinical Informatics, Indiana Lakes ACO, LLC

Sterling Lanier, BA, MBA 

Chief Executive Officer, Tonic Health

Leveraging Analytics to Improve Identification of Individuals with Advanced Illness Who Will Be Receptive to Hospice


Kevin Murphy 

Chief Operating Officer U.S. Medical Management

Hariharan V. Sundram, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Predilytics

Lessons Learned from Adoption of Outcomes-Based Payment 


Gerry Tracy, JD, MPH

Manager, State and Payer Initiatives, 3M Health Information Systems

Michael Fay, HIA, MPH

Vice President, Health Networks, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Home or Nursing Home? How Kaiser Permanente Is Keeping People Home


Martha Shenkenberg, BSN, MBA

Manager, Consulting Services, Medi-Cal and State Programs, SCAL, Kaiser Permanente

Guest Post: Creating Value through Effective Member Engagement in 2014

kellmore_largeBy Kathleen Ellmore, Vice President, Consumer Engagement, Silverlink Communications

With the advent of the ACA, consumerism has become both mandatory and immediate. Creating value, especially in the eyes of the consumer, will be a tremendous opportunity for health plans and others in 2014.

Engagement through communications will be key, especially since healthcare insurance is an abstract product. Consumers can now vote with their feet in the same way they operate with the rest of retail world. Effective communications give health plans the ability to create proactive, cohesive, engaging experiences that will validate the consumers’ plan choice, as well as build trust between the plan and its membership.

Data management and analytics will increase in importance. While health plans already have a variety of data, they now need to capture the new class of engagement data to understand what is motivating members to change behavior. Tools and technology to capture, analyze and share the combined data and insights across the organization will be critical. Once plans unlock the secrets of behavior change on both an individual and aggregate level, they will have the keys to solve the complex equation of improving health and lowering costs.

Becoming member-centric is a company-wide sea change. Understanding and respecting consumer preferences will be a “must-have” for competing in the new world of healthcare consumerism. In addition to gathering language, channel and frequency of communication preferences, communications need to be coordinated across all channels and departments to speak with the member in one voice.

Increasingly, consumer health engagement will be mobile, fast and personal. Multichannel efforts will continue as proven vehicles for smart, results-oriented communications and member engagement. According to a recent infographic from mobile services company GreatCall, 52 percent of smart phone users already gather health-related information on their phones. Additionally, 83 percent of participants in a recent health consumer engagement program completed by Silverlink indicated that SMS text messages helped them think about or make lifestyle changes such as eating better or getting more exercise. Finally, consumer research is going to be an avenue of change. Gathering consumer attitudinal and behavioral data will provide additional opportunities for health plans to know their members and understand what consumers perceive as relevant value.

Undoubtedly, the industry is on the verge of an historic change and evolution. Many plans are redefining their member relationships to drive lower costs and create value through becoming more member-centric. As we move through 2014, effective consumer engagement will lead to improved health, the best value of all.


Kathleen Ellmore is Vice President, Consumer Engagement, at Silverlink Communications, the proven leader in engagement management solutions for healthcare organizations. Our solutions enable health plans and other key stakeholders to engage and support their members in smarter and more effective ways. We deliver better control, coordination and effectiveness in member communications to promote healthy and loyal behaviors.To learn more about what makes Silverlink the leader in consumer health engagement, please visit, email, or call 1.781.425.5700.


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